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Just what you can and cannot do with Ragtime Press midi & sound files

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The musical performances contained on HVR CDs are live recordings of Sue Keller, one of the world's top ragtimers.

HVR midi and music files are distributed here strictly for the purpose of promoting the ragtime art form, promoting the contemporary composers writing ragtime (maybe you didn't know anyone still did that!), and also to promote Sue Keller and her recordings which are available for sale on Compact Disc. Redistribution for these purposes is encouraged. The performances as well as the arraingments and sound recordings, however, are copyrighted. Any publication requires the explicit permission of Ragtime Press. Please contact Ragtime Press to discuss these matters.

Also note that any publication of a contemporary composition requires the permission of the author. Please feel free to contact Ragtime Press should you need to reach or communicate with any contemporary author. I'm sure they'd be thrilled to hear from you!

Contemporay compositions managed by licensing organizations such as ASCAP and BMI are different, however. Some works on this site are identified as licensed for use here by ASCAP or BMI. Any use of a Ragtime Press midi recording managed by such an organization requires not only the written permission of Ragtime Press, but also a license from ASCAP or BMI. Thus, copying or redistributing Ragtime Press midi recordings identified as ASCAP or BMI is prohibited without the written permission of Ragtime Press and proof of license from ASCAP or BMI.

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