Eagles and Ivories Ragtime Festival

January 2006

The 12th Annual Eagles and Ivories Ragtime took place in unusually warm weather in Muscatine, Iowa during the weekend of January 27 through January 29 featuring Sue Keller, Jeff Barnhart, Bob Milne, and Brent Watkins. With the Mad Creek Mudcats Jazz Band joining in the after-hours revelry

The festivities were preceded Friday morning with a 2 and 1/2 hour radio show on KWPC Radio, the Voice of Muscatine, featuring pianists Sue Keller and Brent Watkins playing and expounding on all things ragtime with co-hosts George Lindle and Jane Daufeldt.
Also in attendance was Conservation Department Naturalist, Dave Bache (right) shown here tantalizing Brent with tips on bird watching. Dave explained how when the Mississippi freezes over, multitudes of eagles gather to feed at the river locks of Muscatine where the rushing water never freezes. But Brent was particularly moved when Dave also described how he supplements the diets of eagles and hawks with frozen worms and other Klingon delicacies.
Co-host Jane Daufeldt, who also functions as the Executive Director of the Muscatine Chamber of Commerce, just couldn't seem to get enough of Sue and Brent's live on-air ragtime performances on return from each commercial break. My how 2 and 1/2 hours fly by when you're having fun!
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