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Charles Johnson

by Sue Keller

Unmasked! Including 9 rags written under aliases.

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  1. Hester on Parade (Charles L Johnson, 1899)
  2. Belle of Havana (Charles L Johnson, 1899)
  3. Doc Brown's Cakewalk (Charles L Johnson, 1899)
  4. A Black Smoke (Charles L Johnson, 1902)
  5. Iola (Charles L Johnson, 1904)
  6. All the Money (Raymond Birch, 1908)
  7. Beedle-Um-Bo (Raymond Birch, 1908)
  8. Powder Rag (Raymond Birch, 1908)
  9. Pansy Blossoms (Charles L Johnson, 1909)
  10. Tobasco (Charles L Johnson, 1909)
  11. Silver King (Charles L Johnson, 1909)
  12. Wedding of the Fairies (Charles L Johnson, 1909)
  13. Lady Slippers (Raymond Birch, 1910)
  14. Cloud Kisser (Raymond Birch, 1911)
  15. Melody Rag (Raymond Birch, 1911)
  16. Peanuts (Ethel Ernest, 1911)
  17. Sweetness (Fannie B Woods, 1912)
  18. Blue Goose Rag (Raymond Birch, 1916)
  19. Starlight (Charles L Johnson, 1918)
  20. Monkey Biznez (Charles L Johnson, 1928)

note: All the pieces on this CD are performed by Sue Keller as piano solos and contain no vocals.

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