Cripple Creek Mining View, Ernest Lawson (1927) Return To Cripple Creek

with Sue Keller & Jeff Barnhart

Sue & Jeff showcase the music of Max Morath. Sue & Jeff collaborate with ragtime composer Max Morath to bring you his music as it has never been heard before... a combination of performances on solo piano, dual piano, and flute (with Jeff's wife Anne sitting in) as well as some pieces containing vocals written by Max especially for them. And topped off with liner notes by the composer himself revealing his innermost creative process.

Studio recorded on a 7-foot Nordiska Grand piano.

  1. Gold Bar Rag
  2. Tribute to Joplin
  3. If You Don't Have Any Money
  4. Echoes of the Rosebud
  5. Echoes of the Cakewalk
  6. Cakewalkin' Shoes
  7. One for Amelia
  8. New Black Eagle Buck
  9. One for Norma
  10. Cakewalkin' Jamboree
  11. Three for Diane
  12. Polyragmic
  13. Golden Hours
  14. Temporary Baby
  15. Dr Jackpot
  16. Old Mortality
  17. Poverty Gulch
  18. The Vindicator
  19. The Anchoria Leland
  20. Imperial Rag
  21. One for the Road

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