I Got What It Takes

by Sue Keller

The best in ragtime-era piano & vocals!

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  1. Aviation Rag (Mark Janza, 1905)
  2. I Got What It Takes (Clarence Williams, 1929) *
  3. Last of the Ragtime Pioneers (Galen Wilkes, 1984)
  4. Blame It On The Blues (Cook, 1914)
  5. Carolina Shout (James P. Johnson, 1914)
  6. Keep Your Foot on the Soft Pedal (Von Tilzer & Dillon, 1919) *
  7. Gladiolus Rag (Scott Joplin, 1907)
  8. Atomic Shuffle (Ross Petot, 1986)
  9. Bag of Rags (W.R. McKanlass, 1913)
  10. Smashing Thirds (Fats Waller, 1931)
  11. International Rag (Irving Berlin, 1913) *
  12. Summer Dreams (Jonathan Jensen, 1988)
  13. Brown Derby No. 2 (Joseph Lamb, c1988)
  14. Honey Moon Rag (James Scott, 1916)
  15. Hawaiian Blues (Stanley Murray, 1916)
  16. After You've Gone (Creamer & Layton, 1918) *
  17. Sedalia Stomp (Galen Wilkes, 1983)

* Recorded on CD with vocals by Sue Keller. All others are performed by Sue as piano solos.

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