Those Irresistible Blues

by Sue Keller

A pre-jazz boogie/blues experience!

Click on a song title to play the midi piano track. Midi sound quality is determined by your own system and midi cannot render vocals. The piano sound recorded on the CD was sampled by Olivier Truan from his Bosendorfer model 275.

  1. Dallas Blues (Hart A. Wand & Lloyd Garret, 1912)
  2. Memphis Blues (W.C.Handy, 1912)
  3. St. Louis Blues (W.C.Handy, 1914)
  4. Kitten on the Keys (Zez Confrey, 1921)*
  5. Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives To Me (N. Swanstone, Chas R. McCarron, and Carey Morgan, 1919)
  6. Sugar Blues (Clarence Williams & Lucy Fletcher, 1919)
  7. Arkansas Blues (Anton Lada & Spencer Williams, 1921)
  8. Home Again Blues (Irving Berlin & Harry Akst, 1921)
  9. Royal Garden Blues (Clarence & Spencer Williams, 1919)*
  10. Irresistible Blues (George E. Jefferson, 1922)
  11. The Fives (George W. Thomas, 1922)
  12. Low Down Papa (Spencer Williams, 1923)
  13. Cruel Back-Bitin' Blues (Lemuel Fowler, 1923)
  14. I Just Want a Daddy (Thomas A. Dorsey, 1923)
  15. Aggravatin' Papa (Roy Turk & J. Russel Robinson, 1923)
  16. Snowy Morning Blues (James P. Johnson, 1927)*

* Solo piano pieces. All others recorded on CD with vocals by Sue Keller.

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