by Sue Keller

Ragtime-era favorites & originals

Recorded at HVR Studios, Brooklyn, NY, May 1992

Click on a song title to play the midi piano track. Midi sound quality is determined by your own system.

1. Alabamy Bound (Henderson, et. al, 1925)
2. Junk Man Rag (Luckey Roberts, 1913)
3. Great Crush Collision March (Scott Joplin, 1897)
4. The Blundering Buffalo (Sue Keller, 1991)
5. Bedlam (Christopher Seppe, 1974)
6. Waitin' for the Robert E. Lee (Gilbert & Muir, 1912)
7. Alabama Jubilee (Yellen & Cobb, 1915)
8. Jingles (James P. Johnson, 1926)
9. Pork and Beans (Luckey Roberts, 1913)
10. Solitude (Christopher Seppe, 1987)
11. Lion Tamer Rag (Mark Janza, 1913)
12. That Old Gang of Mine (Rose Dixon, Henderson, 1923)
13. New Era Rag (James Scott, 1919)

note: All the pieces on this CD are performed by Sue Keller as piano solos and contain no vocals.

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