9 foot Fazioli F278!!! Live in Kalamazoo

with Sue Keller

First Encounters... of the Sue Keller kind. There's no substitute for a live performance if you really want to know what a musician is all about. Follow along as Sue sits down at a unfamiliar piano in a place she's never even been before. And finds out what it's all about.

Recorded on Sunday, November 5, 2006 on a 9 foot 2 inch Fazioli F278 Grand Piano before a live concert audience in Kalamazoo, MI.

  1. Maple Leaf Rag (Scott Joplin, 1899)
  2. Pine Apple Rag (Scott Joplin, 1908)
  3. Solace (Scott Joplin, 1909) *
  4. I Want To Be A Birdman (Joseph F. Lamb, 1913) *
  5. Suffragette (James Scott, 1914)
  6. Dill Pickles (Charles L Johnson, 1906) *
  7. Memories of You (Eubie Blake, 1930, ASCAP) *
  8. St. Louis Blues (W.C. Handy, 1914) *
  9. Ole Miss Blues (W.C. Handy, 1916)
  10. Stumbling (Zez Confrey, 1922) *
  11. Kitten on the Keys (Zez Confrey, 1921)
  12. Snowy Morning Blues (James P. Johnson, 1927, ASCAP)
  13. Alligator Crawl (Fats Waller, 1924, ASCAP)
  14. Little Bar In Bethlehem (Robert Darch, 1987, ASCAP) *
  15. Sugar Plum Strut (Jonathan Jensen, 1994)
  16. Where Is The Boy? (Sue Keller, 2004, ASCAP) *

* Performed with vocals by Sue Keller.

NOTE: The piano at the concert was not fitted for midi recording. So the links to midi files above point to studio recordings, if they exist.

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