Lost & Found Lamb A Little Lost Lamb

by Sue Keller

Found again! The wooly rags. Also available as a sheet music folio.

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  1. Jersey Rag (Joseph F. Lamb, 1959)
  2. Chasin' the Chippies (Joseph F. Lamb, 1914)
  3. Greased Lightening Rag (Joseph F. Lamb, 1959)
  4. Mignonne (Joseph F. Lamb, 1901)
  5. Gee, Kid! But I Like You (Joseph F. Lamb, 1909)*
  6. Lorne Scots on Parade (Joseph F. Lamb, 1904)
  7. Rapid Transit (Joseph F. Lamb, 1959)
  8. I Want To Be A Birdman (Joseph F. Lamb, 1913)*
  9. Red Feather (Joseph F. Lamb, 1906)
  10. Ragged Rapids Rag (Joseph F. Lamb, 1905)
  11. Walper House Rag (Joseph F. Lamb, 1903)
  12. My Queen of Zanzibar (Joseph F. Lamb, 1904)
  13. Beehive Rag (Joseph F. Lamb, 1959)
  14. Joe Lamb's Old Rag (Joseph F. Lamb, 1959)
  15. Ragtime Special (Joseph F. Lamb, 1959)
  16. Spanish Fly (Joseph F. Lamb, 1912)
  17. Follow the Crowd to Coney (Joseph F. Lamb, 1913)**
  18. Alaskan Rag (Joseph F. Lamb, 1959)

*Recorded on the CD with vocals by Sue Keller.

**Recorded on the CD with vocals by Sue Keller and Patricia Lamb Conn (Joe's daughter). Pat Conn sings live at Alex Bay 2005!

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