Ol' Muddy

Ol' Muddy
by Sue Keller

Riverboat Ragtime-Era Piano

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Notice the mpeg2 button on one of the selections. It delivers an Mpeg Audio Sample clip. It's pretty big compared to midi but sounds great!
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  1. Mississippi Mud (Cavanaugh & Barris, 1927)
  2. The Chevy Chase (Eubie Blake, 1914)
  3. Alligator Crawl (Fats Waller, 1924) mpeg2 sample (size: 442K)
  4. Cranberry Stomp (Sue Keller, 1983)
  5. Sleepy Hollow Rag (Clarence Woods, 1918)
  6. A Dream of Sedalia (Tex Wyndham, 1991)
  7. Key Stone Rag (Willie Anderson, 1921)
  8. Charleston Rag (Eubie Blake, 1899)
  9. Maple Leaf Rag (Scott Joplin, 1899)
  10. 12th Street Rag (Euday Bowman, 1914)
  11. Castle House Rag (James Reese Europe, 1914
  12. New Orleans' World's Fair Rag (M.E. White, 1984)
  13. Hanon Rag (Bill Edwards, 1985)
  14. Ragtime Nightingale (Joseph Lamb, 1915)
  15. Wild Cherries (Ted Snyder, 1908)
  16. Polyphonic Rag (William Hyder, 1979)
  17. Red Lion Rag (Tex Wyndham, 1967)

note: All the pieces on this CD are performed by Sue Keller as piano solos and contain no vocals.

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