Reindeer! My Reindeer
Don't Like To Fly

by Sue Keller

Recording session notes and credits.

Recorded May 2004 at HV Recording, Oak Forest, IL.

1. Here Comes Santa Claus Gene Autry, Haldeman Oakley, 1947, ASCAP
Piano: Malmsjo White Grand, Hall: Generic Live Hall.
2. Where Are You, Christmas? Will Jennings, James Horner, Mariah Carey, 2000, BMI
  Piano: Malmsjo White Grand. Harp: Blevens Ariel played by Sue Keller. Europe Orchestral Hall. Song originally sung by the character Cindy Lou Who in The Grinch Who Stole Christmas followed by a Faith Hill rendition during the credits.
3. Christmas Is Coming * Vince Guaraldi, 1965, BMI
  Pianos: Bosendorfer Imperial Grand (left) and Malmsjo White Grand (right). Natural Hall.
4. My Reindeer Don’t Like To Fly Sue Keller, 2004, ASCAP
Piano: Malmsjo White Grand. Organ: Hammond B3 played by Sue Keller. Cool Pop Ballad Hall.
5. I’ll Be Home For Christmas Gannon, Kent, Ram, 1943, ASCAP
Piano: Bosendorfer Imperial Grand. VSS4 Chamber.
6. Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree Johnny Marks, 1958, ASCAP
Piano: Malmsjo White Grand. Guitar played by Gino Agnello. Rock Vocal Room.
7. Little Bar In Bethlehem Robert R. Darch, 1987
Piano: Malmsjo White Grand. Live Pop Ballad Hall.
8. Gesu Bambino * Pietro Yon, 1917
Pianos: Bosendorfer Imperial Grand (left) and Malmsjo White Grand (right). Natural Hall.
9. Jing-A-Ling Smith, Raye, 1943, ASCAP)/Merry Christmas Polka (Webster, Burke, 1950, ASCAP
Piano: 1923 Steinway Grand. Joy Hall.
10. River Joni Mitchell, 1971, ASCAP
Piano: Bosendorfer Imperial Grand. Natural Hall.
11. Cool Yule Steve Allen,ASCAP
Piano: Malmsjo White Grand. Marimba played by Sue Keller. "Dig it, Baby!" by Pete Devine. Medium Hall.
12. Christmas Time Is Here Vince Guaraldi, Lee Mendelson, 1965, BMI
Piano: Bosendorfer Imperial Grand. Big Orchestral Hall.
13. I Wanna Spend Christmas On Maui Sue Keller, 2004, ASCAP
Piano: Malmsjo White Grand. Steel Drums played by Sue Keller. Show Hall. "Who's Franz?" by Howard Vigorita. Ever since Sue won her free trip on Jeopardy, she's been wanting to go back.
14. Snowbound * Dave McKenna, 1997
Piano: Bosendorfer Imperial Grand. Europe Orchestral Hall. Back in the 1980's when Sue played sidewalk ragtime piano for the Asa Bearse House in Hyannis, Dave had the cushy job inside where it was air conditioned.
15. Santa Baby Javits, Springer, Springer, 1953, ASCAP
Piano: 1923 Steinway Grand. Concert Gebouw Hall.
16. Where Is The Boy? Sue Keller, 2004, ASCAP
Piano: Malmsjo White Grand. Marimba played by Sue Keller. New Age Hall.
17. The Man With The Bag Taylor, Brooks, Stanley, 1954, ASCAP
Piano: Malmsjo White Grand. Rich Hall. Sue's unique piano arrangement of this tune is something of a tribute to the east-coast ragtime stride-piano style of play. This includes a James P. Johnson left hand technique with extensive use of the backward tenths he was famous for, combined with a lilting right hand technique reminiscent of his protege, Fats Waller.

* Non-vocal pieces. All others recorded on CD with vocals by Sue Keller and percussion by Pete Devine (of Bo Grumpus fame). Background vocals: Judy Leschewski. All arrangements by Sue Keller. Recording, mixing, mastering, and cover art by Howard Vigorita. Photos courtesy of Gary Borton, Reindeer Ranch, Kalamazoo, MI.

Musical Instruments

Pianos: Malmsjo White Grand courtesy of Per (Worra) Larsson, Sampletekk
Bosendorfer Imperial Grand courtesy of Kip McGinnis, Bardstown Audio
1923 Steinway Grand courtesy of Michiel Post, PMI
Drums: Pete Devine's custom kit complete with Chinese temple blocks, bottles, bells, whistles, and washboard. Plus a 32-inch Marching Bass Drum courtesy of Vincent Aiello.
Harp: Blevins Ariel 38-string lever harp
Organ: Hammond B3 courtesy of Sonic Implants
Marimba: Courtesy of Lars Turkelsen

Recording Gear and Software

All recording and mixing done direct to disc at 88.2 khz / 24-bits digital using: Neumann U87A, Universal Audio 2-610, Pendulum Audio OCL-2, TC Electronic S-6000 VSS4, Apogee PSX-100, Tascam FW-1884, Gigastudio 2.54, Sonar 3, Sound Forge 7, CD Architect 5, Asus P4P800e, and Windows XP.

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