Rag Time Sue

by Sue Keller

The best in ragtime-era piano & vocals!

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  1. St. Louis Rag (Tom Turpin, 1903)
  2. Alexander's Ragtime Band (Irving Berlin, 1911) *
  3. Ragtime "Betty" (James Scott, 1909)
  4. Wyndham Rag (George Schneider, 1977)
  5. The Alchemist (Glenn Jenks, 1987)
  6. St. Louis Blues (W.C. Handy, 1914) * mpeg2 sample (size: 501K)
  7. Tickled to Death (Charles Hunter, 1899)
  8. Chicken Pie (Clement Doucet, 1929)
  9. Belle of Louisville (Frank French, 1991)
  10. I Love a Piano/Cannonball (Berlin/Northrup, 1915/1911) *
  11. Peaceful Henry (E.H. Kelly, 1901)
  12. Troublesome Ivories (Eubie Blake, 1914/c1972)
  13. Valentine Stomp (Fats Waller, 1929)
  14. The Suffragette (James Scott, 1914)
  15. Harbour Rag (Glenn Jenks, 1975)
  16. Wanhal Stomp (Sue Keller, 1994)
  17. Solace (Scott Joplin, 1909) *
  18. Cataract Rag (Robert Hampton, 1914)

* Recorded on CD with vocals by Sue Keller. All others are performed by Sue as piano solos.
Note: This CD was re-mastered in May 2006 by Sue Keller using her Nordiska 215 grand piano.

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